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London Hotel Boundaries

I'm going to Europe my 1st stop is in London to take 4 teenagers to a concert at The O2 Riverside Arena. I have spent 3 weeks looking for a Hotel. I almost booked last night with a cot till I saw a cot in London is a crib not a cot like in the US. So the search starts again my concern that mostly worries me is these 4 teenage girls getting back at night to a safe locating. Can you please give me boundary N. S. E. W. of City of London that I should stay within while looking for a hotel.
Thanks in advance I really appreciate it.

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I’m not sure what your concern is about a safe location for yourself and the 4 teenage girls. We’ve stayed centrally and pretty far out (about 20 minutes to the west and north on occasion) and have found the Tube or train to feel very safe late at night with other city dwellers going home from events, dinner, the theatre. A main challenge I think would be to find a room for 5 or two affordable hotel rooms. Are you also considering apartments? If you have some specific places in mind you could ask here, look at google street view, etc.

EDIT: Are the teenagers going to the concert by themselves and how old are they?

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I don't really have a hotel tip for you but the closest tube station to the O2 is North Greenwich on the Jubilee line, so a hotel near that line might be convenient.

But having attended 2 concerts at the O2 less than 2 weeks ago, I have some tips:

  1. make sure they arrive with plenty of time to spare before the concert because the security is extensive (metal detector);

  2. make sure they have a working credit card since most bars and restaurants inside the venue don't take cash anymore;

  3. consider have them take a taxi back to your hotel. 20,000 people will exit the O2 after the concert, the majority of which will make their way to the tube station. Believe me, it is no fun on the tube after a show. The taxi stand is on the right hand side of the main entrance to North Greenwich tube station. Taxi's all take credit cards so there is no reason to have them take a lot of cash.

Hope they enjoy the show!

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I would be most concerned about easy transport back to the hotel after the concert.

There is an InterContinental Hotel right at the O2, connected to it by a walkway, but you would need two rooms.

How long are you staying n London? You might be better off with an apartment, as most hotel rooms will have a four person maximum.

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Look at Premier Inn London Southwork (Tate Modern). Right on Jubilee Line and priced so two rooms are possible.

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At 19 my daughter and her friend traveled europe ( backpacking) for three months.. so I think the 19 yr old will be fine leading the 16 yr olds..

Out of the whole three months the only issue is my daughter left her beautiful blue boots out ( as opposed to under her bed in the storage locker) out at a hostel and in the morning they were gone.. no other horror stories.. and they went to concerts in Paris and in Amsterdam and Berlin.. were often out late.

If you are truly worried spend the money and get them to take a taxi.. it will be pricey but then you dont have to worry.

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sunshine, you have not told us where (I mean in a general way ... ) your family lives. Street crime in London is much lower than street crime in most American cities. And some cities, like New York, are at all time lows for most crimes. Your fears about your daughters may be misplaced. (Once I got a bus pass in later Elementary School in New York City, I could go anywhere I wanted after school, and did not have to be home until dinner time.) Although the worldwide anti-terrorism situation has changed things, are you aware that many U.K. police officers are still unarmed?

Many idyllic-looking rural and semi-rural places in the U.S. have serious meth and opiate problems. This is not the case in the U.K.

London is a crowded, all-the-time city, and there will be plenty of people on the tube after the concert.

Most people consider cost as the major factor in selecting a city hotel. In London, location makes little difference (Opinion, and I've slept in London at least six separate trips.) BTW, how many rooms are you planning on? (I ask because of your leading with the crib/cot issue.)

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Pat, I smiled at your logic about 19 year old maturity. As a high school teacher I can attest that not all teenagers would be able to handle this with the same ease that your daughter did. I do agree that even if the chaperone has nothing to worry about, if a taxi saves worry it is worth it.

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You all are amazing! I live in Miami and as a single mom of kids that are not street smart hence they were home schooled. I will always worry specially in a place foreign to me, I worry about them here the same way. Them not knowing how to get around and ending up some where they shouldn't. As for Premier they said I would need 3 rooms 2 nights gonna get expensive. So my mind set has changed thanks to you all. I will focus on getting them a taxi and making sure I have a cc that works heard that is another thing I need to have covered. And finding a hotel that will accommodate 3 adults per room. That is not to far from O2 and still close enough for me go get to do some sight seeing ; / Thanks...

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Sunshine - London hotels are definitely pricey so another option would be to look for an airbnb or apartment agency rental.

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You haven't stated dates and a budget in £s per room- that would help if you want suggestions. Travelodge is similar to Premier Inns and do rooms for 3 adults.

Safety isn't really an issue, even less so as a group travelling together on the tube. There will be thousands of others travelling around at the same time.

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Dates are checking in on Oct. 9 and out on the 11th. £100 to 117 budgets per night per room is what I'm hoping for but will pay a bit more if needed. Thanks

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The Jubilee tube line is the easiest route into the O2.
If you find them a hotel/accomodation on that line you should be fine.

I am going to disagree about getting them a taxi at the end of the evening.
The tube might be busy, but it is incredibly organised. They get people out of there quickly and efficiently every night so they know what they are doing!:-)
Most people are heading to the tube so you just follow the crowds. They hold people outside of the station and filter them into the station so the platforms don’t get that crowded. I think it would be much harder to find a booked cab in an area you don’t really know than take the tube.

You are probably going to struggle to get a room to sleep 4 so I think it will need to be 2 rooms. You could also maybe look at booking a private room in a hostel? The Travelodge suggested above would be a good option.

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Its different than the US. In much (if not all) of Europe, hotels charge by the person, not by the room, so legally the room must be set up for four persons.

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I wouldn't worry too much about their safety. I have never felt unsafe in London. I ran all over London as an 18 year old with no 'adult' and then again as a 21 year old. Most recently as a 36 year old with my 40 year old sister who had never traveled further out of the country than Canada. Make sure they have access to a tube map, know the name of their hotel and which tube stop to get off at, and you also should be able to grab a card or small map at your hotel's front desk. I would recommend something on the Jubilee, Circle, or District Lines.

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Check out the Staybridge Suites Stratford. On the Jubilee line and they have suites and connecting rooms. And it's part of one of the largest shopping malls in the UK with lots of shops and restaurants.

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I want to thank everyone for taking the time to give me some really great advice/opinions it's greatly appreciated!

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If you are willing to stay in a hostel, YHA Thameside is a ten minute walk from the Jubilee line near Canada Water which is only 2 stops from O2 Arena. They have family rooms which should be within your budget. They are safe and provide lots of info to young travellers.

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The Staybridge Suites Stratford is very nice and the whole mall complex was well-patrolled by security folks when we stayed there. Not sure if it would meet your price range on your dates, but there's also a Premiere Inn (budget) and Holiday Inn (midscale) in the same giant shopping Stratford complex.