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London dinner recommendation?

Would like a recommendation for a dinner place that appeals equally to meat eaters and vegetarians.

Would like to find someplace that's halfway between University of the Arts London/Lincoln's Inn Fields and Lambeth Bridge/St. John's Gardens.

Looking for some place that the locals would likely eat.

If anyone has suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

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Assuming you mean the Holborn branch of the University of the Arts, a sort-of halfway point puts you in the South Bank area, or towards Waterloo.

Around the Royal Festival Hall there are loads of decent quality chain restaurants - used as much by locals as tourists - including Wagamama, Wahaca, Giraffe etc. (Google them to find out more). Nice places to people-watch as you have river views and the South Bank is a popular area for families to stroll. And yes, locals as well as tourists.

Or you could head to a pair of streets called The Cut and Upper Marsh, which lie behind Waterloo station (so no river views) but has a bunch of restaurants. One real locals' place is Marie's Cafe, which does fry-ups by day and Thai food by night.

Alternatively you could walk via Covent Garden & Trafalgar Square. Covent Garden has more restaurants than I could even begin to list.

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Go to one of Ottolenghi's restaurants, and you can't go wrong. They do amazing things with vegetables.

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I wouldn't worry too much about finding a place suitable for vegetarians, or even vegans. Both are on trend now and most menus will have plenty of little "v" symbols in the margins.

Pick your ethnic (they are all here now) and go for it.

In fact if you mention your ethnic preference or preferences most of us will have a fav or two.

Your question, given the thousands of places that might fit the bill, is a tad broad.