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London apartment- Vancouver Studios in Bayswater

A group of six friends just finished a week there and had a good time. It’s in a good and convenient location to be able to walk to tube stops and to the Hyde Park area. We rented their 3 bedroom apartment. They staff was great- friendly and happy to assist with our requests. This apartment has a private garden area in the back of the main hotel building just outside the apartment door. The place was clean and modern with newer fixtures and appliances. However, although the kitchen has a nice oven, there are no baking pans to use in it, so it was useless to us. One serious consideration for some is that the apartment is on two floors, with a very steep stairway down to the 3 bedrooms. Anyone with any degree of mobility issues could not deal with this. Two of the three bedrooms are very small with virtually no storage. Overall, a good spot but some key improvements could be made. This review has nothing to do with the other rooms in the hotel- I have no knowledge of them. If you can handle the stairs, don’t want a kitchen to be fully functional, and can handle having to hang your clothes anywhere you can, this is a good apartment to use. It is in a great area, close to many restaurants and sights.

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Did you ask the hotel for baking pans? Or think of buying sone cheap ones to use?

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To be clear, we liked this place fine and would recommend it. My point of the oven issue was, if a place offers a kitchen, I would expect everything in it to be usable. We did not intend to bake anything ourselves but some renters might. Just a heads up for others, same as for the stairs being steep.

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Used to be my go to place for years. Was told about it by a flight attendant.

Stairs are steep. Pleasant neighborhood. About 4 blocks from Bayswater tube station. Well maintained.

Restaurants and cafes a few blocks away. I always enjoyed the Prince Edward pub before the redo. A bit too chi chi after. Ruined the charm trying to be hip.