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list of best hotels in london City

I would like to know details about what are the best hotels available in London City? Please list here.

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C'mon now. Best for backpackers or best for Masters of the Universe? If your post is real, state some criteria.

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Any list of the best hotels in London would have to include the 'bests' in several categories and would run to about 200-300 hotels. If you're serious, then give an idea of where in London, what budget, what type of hotel, etc.?

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And in addition to giving us a budget and what amenities you want or need (elevator? air conditioning?), you need to clarify your terminology.

The City of London refers to the small area that was once within the Roman walls, and is now the financial district. When people speak of "The City" (either written or spoken with capital letters), they mean this small area - not all of London. Which were you referring to? For most tourists, The City is not the most convenient area.

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I am presuming you to mean London City and not the city of London in general. Actually these three would qualify as the best in either category and we have enjoyed staying in them:

(1) Hotel 41

(2) Corinthia Hotel

(3) Milestone Hotel

They are some of the very best and most comfortable, have all of the amenities you could want, have great service and great dining.

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Keith, I completely agree with the last sentence of your post.