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Jenny Lo's Teahouse

Jenny Flo's Teahouse has closed, removing the name from the front window the last week in February 2014.

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Never heard of it, but appreciate the information.

Here's a question: Where?

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I am sorry to hear that! I know they had supposedly closed for renovations or something but didn't think they were going to shut down altogether. Do you know if another cafe or restaurant is gong in there?

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Nigel, To be exact, Jenny Lo's Teahouse was located at 14 Eccleston Street, London, just west of Victoria Station. She served excellent quality Chinese/Cantonese/Szechuan food at reasonable prices, main courses £6-£8 or thereabouts. I have gone there for lunch several times in the past. How did I find it in the first place? I had found an excellent but very expensive Chinese place in my "Zagat's London Restaurants" book called Ken Lo's Memories of China (main courses £40-£60 per person). I went to this restaurant one time when I was in London. The meal was excellent. Then I was reading restaurant listings in the Zagat book two days later and found Jenny Lo's Teahouse listed. It said she was the daughter of the famous Ken Lo (chef and cookbook author), and that she had opened her own restaurant, using many of her father's recipes. So I went to Jenny Lo's, and it was better food than Memories of China at about 1/10 the price. Became a fan, went there on several visits to London. I had read in Time Out magazine in December that they were closed for renovations, but apparently they never re-opened. Very sad; it was a great place to eat. Ken Lo's Memories of China still exists, at 65 Ebury Street, but be careful; they'll charge you £4 for a glass of tap water. Expensive.