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Ireland flight from England.

I will be on vacation in London, England. I am thinking of flying to Ireland (Cork area) renting a car and going to Dingle from England. Where would I fly out? Is this feasible? Have to fly out of Heathrow 4 days later. Can anyone suggest small trips in England for 4 days that would be similar? By that I mean out of big cities and scenic?

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You can fly from Heathrow, Gatwick or Stansted to Cork.

Is it feasible? Well yes. Is it best use of your time? dunno

Four days in scenic England? Cotswolds, Shropshire, Lake District, Northumberland, Yorkshire, Devon, Cornwall, lots of possibilities- you need to do some research.

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There are several companies that do short trips out of London. The Cotswolds is a favorite area for many visitors from North America. It is better to do a couple of days there at least - but there are some tours that will do a long day out from London. Cambridge is another option (1 hour) and/or York (2 hours) by train from London. Not huge cities - well worth a visit. If you have a car then there are many more options to get into the country side. You don't say how many days your have. If your have time to go to Ireland then it is doable, but I would not go if my time was limited. There is too much to see in England. Save Ireland for another trip - its well worth a week or more. If you do decide to include Ireland on this trip, Ryan Air flies from Stansted - which is North East of London (1 hour). If I was staying in London, I would try to get a flight out of Heathrow or Gatwick first.

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Thanks for all replies I am taking your advice and visiting Cotswolds, Bath and Windsor. You are correct. I need to stay in England.

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You could catch the train from London to Dublin (£41 each way), spend 3 nights in Dublin, hire a car etc. First train leaves London Euston station at 06:36 in the morning, arriving in Dublin at 13:50 in the afternoon. The train ends at Holyhead in Wales at 10:36, you walk off the platform and straight onto the Ferry for Dublin, arriving at 13:50. It's a very low stress way to get to Dublin from London and return, and probably just as quick as flying when you coincided the hassle of getting to Healthrow hrs before the flight, checking in etc.