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I wrote a glowing review of Three Abbey Green in Bath

Just few days ago I took time to declare my family's undying love for this marvelous independent B&B.

And the review is gone - msg says Steve can't find it.

What the heck?

Go to Three Abbey Green. It's location and accommodation are well worth the moderate price.

Next time we go (2012) that's where we will be.

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That's a shame. Maybe write to the Webmaster to ask him to dig into the archives and restore it? Contact Us button below.

In the mean time this is a good place keeper. Sorry that happened. Happy you loved the place.

Next time we go (2012) that's where we will be.

I hope you aren't using a time-turner to go back to the future in 2012! LOL

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Maybe it was so glowing it looked like a commercial plug and got deleted by the webmaster as 'advertising'?

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That would be my first guess. And it might have included an inappropriate link.

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Sometimes the forum gets confused and you get that message. Give it time and iyour review might show up again.