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Hotel in England bromptom

The brompton hotel should be removed from the list. The word that comes to mind is fleabag. Customer service is non existent. My husband and I checked in, paid in advance and climbed 5 flights of stairs with our luggage only to find a room that made the YMCA look good. The room was dirty, the hotel worn and you could hear through the walls. I had been verbally assured of a room in the back and received one in the front. The clerk would not assist us and refused a refund. I am hoping that American Express can work it out. Luckily we found a room at the Hyatt Hyde Park Churchill.
Mr.Steves, we relied on your information. Can you assist us with a refund?
I suggest that you remove this hotel from future editions.

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We're sorry to hear of your experience with this hotel. I will definitely forward your message on to our editors to look into. As for a refund, unfortunately we cannot help you there. You might try contacting them again and let them know that you had spoken with us already. Apart from that I can't think of anything else as we don't have any control of refund policies of hotels in our guidebooks. Again we are sorry for your experience and hope that the quality of your trip was good despite the hotel.