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Hotel for overnight Heathrow

Anyone ever over nighted inside Heathrow at one of the hotels?

Posted by Debbie
Narberth, PA
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Probably a good place to start looking into this is to type Heathrow hotel into the search bar at the top of the page. There appear to be many many similar queries. I usually use Sofitel because if I need a hotel at Heathrow, I am in Terminal 5 and can use Avios points.

Posted by Wray
Quincy, MA, New England
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I usually use Sofitel because if I need a hotel at Heathrow, I am in Terminal 5 and can use Avios points.

Ditto. The Heathrow Sofitel is part of my regular travel in Europe.

Posted by Suki
New York
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We also stay at the Sofitel, but have stayed at the Hilton too. Both are very nice but Sofitel is at Terminal 5 where we land and take off. Sofitel also has an exceptional restaurant ,Le Belle Époque.

Posted by alohalover
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Another vote for the Sofitel. So convenient since it is connected to Terminal 5 and the train station into London. We stayed at the Hilton in Terminal 4 a few years ago which required a bus to get to our terminal. Not as convenient, but much cheaper than the Sofitel.

Posted by acraven
Washington DC
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I found the newish Premier Inn near Terminal 4 to be perfectly fine last September. I'm sure the Hilton and Sofitel are much fancier, bur I doubt that they have rooms anywhere near 50 GBP, which was the PI's rate for a single room the last time I checked. The Premier Inn is walkable in 10-15 minutes from T4 via an enclosed walkway.

Posted by Elizabeth
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I have read good things on this forum about the new Premier Inn, which connects to Heathrow Terminal 4 via a covered walkway. It appears to be around the same walking distance from T4 as the Hilton.

I have stayed at the Hilton connected to T4 many times, but I am trying the Premier Inn next week.

Posted by George
Independence, KS, USA
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We like to stay at the Travelodge Heathrow Central, which isn't central, but serviced by the Hoppa bus which starts picking up from area hotels at 0400. Many LHR hotels are not close to any restaurants, etc so we stay in a neighborhood with pizza joints, pubs, and a scrumptious Polish deli, about 10 minutes by Hoppa from LHR. When we stayed at hotels adjacent to LHR there was no place to eat other than the usual hotel food offerings or going back to one of the terminals at LHR. We like having the options found in neighborhoods along Bath road.

Posted by acraven
Washington DC
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George is right that availability of a pleasant meal can be an issue at some airport-area hotels. I solved that problem last year by heading to Heathrow in the evening, after having my last meal of the day. It helped that I was relocating from lodgings near Notting Hill Gate, where I was able store my bag after check-out.

Many years ago I walked well over a mile from an off-airport hotel near Gatwick to an Indian restaurant in a neighboring town. There was no sidewalk for a good part of that walk, and a critical strap on one of my sandals snapped just as I started back. Not a good experience, but I squeezed in one last Indian meal, so it was worth it to me.

Posted by Chris
Tyler, TX
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Another huge fan of the Sofitel....great Club lounge....

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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We stayed at Hyde Park-Bayswater area and took a quick taxi into the Paddington rail station. The Heathrow Express train is just a 15 minute trip--fast and easy.

Posted by Dale
413 posts

Another recommendation for the Premier Inn at Terminal 4. I took the daytime flight from ORD to LHR and staying at Heathrow for the first night was a no brainer given that it was a Saturday night and I arrived at around 1015 PM London time. I didn't really want to pay over 200 pounds for a hotel room for a Saturday night in London without even the fun of a London Saturday night.

I paid about 60 pounds for the PI, and an additional 10 pounds or so for the breakfast buffet. The PI had a fairly decent bar that was open until about 1 am, so I had a couple of drinks, got some sleep (not quite as much as I would have liked) but just about completely was over jet lag the next day