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Great Indian food in London

Hello again, fellow travelers!
While in London, staying in Earl's Court, we were lucky to be in walking distance of Masala Zone. This Indian restaurant has 7 locations in the greater London area. for more info, FYI.

The food was just DEE-licious!! We went there twice. If you are one of those folks who avoid Indian food because you find it to be too greasy, then you will love this restaurant. They cook cuisines from all over India, and the most humble of dishes are elevated to a palate-pleasing party in your mouth. We had an appetizer (sorry-can't remember the name, but there is a picture of it on the website) that was a thin, lightly fried wheat shell, filled with mashed peas, yogurt, tamarind sauce, and strips of fresh ginger. You pop it into your mouth in one bite...and a rush of flavors rewards your taste buds. Our waiter said this was humble street food found throughout India, but it was very sophisticated. A side dish of potatoes cooked in ghee with fenegreek was a revelation. Nothing was overly oiled and everything was very, very tasty. Middle priced.

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I'm with Emma, sounds very much like their take on a pani puri, delicious when done well and very moorish. I could probably skip the curry and eat a plate of them.

I'm noticing a lot of Indian, Turkish, Lebanese restaurants moving away from the tired, traditional fare being served to the British public since the 70's to something more resembling the traditional cuisine. There's a kebab shop in Portsmouth that was, for years, the number one place to get a late night doner. The shop has done exceedingly well (enough for the owner to drive around in a bright yellow Bentley!) however it has recently completely overhauled its menu and gone are the greasy doners and cheap burgers and in its place they now offer traditional shwarmas, falafels, tabouleh and a whole variety of salads, humous and a variety of breads etc. Of course you can still get a portion of chips and a dodgy burger if you like.

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Masala Zone ( either the Soho or Covent Garden location) is our go-to spot for Indian food when we are in London.

Last May we thought we would try Dishoom, based on the recommendations they get here. However, the wait was too long, so we walked to the nearest Masala Zone and sat in the bar, making a meal on appetizers.