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Good places for lunch and/or dinner near the British Museum

My wife and I are traveling back to London for a tour and several extra weeks. The first couple days we're there, we'll be walking around the neighborhoods close to the British Museum. Any recommendations?

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Don't know how fancy schmancy you might want, but there are numerous pubs in the blocks near the British Museum. IIRC, we had an early dinner at the Museum Tavern one day after a looong visit to the Museum. Typical pub grub, but well done.

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My mom and I also stopped off at the Museum Tavern. Again nothing special but as a Holmesian, I had wanted to visit it ever since I read The Blue Carbuncle. And no, they don't have a goose club anymore:(

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The neighborhood of the British Museum is Bloomsbury.

The Chambeli Indian Restaurant, 146 Southampton Row, is very good.
If you have not tried Indian cuisine before, London is the place to try it. If you have no idea what to get.....Order Chicken Tikka Masala, with a side of rice and an order of creamed spinach--called Saag Paneer. Order Naan (a flatbread).

Antalya, 103-105 Southampton Row, is good for Turkish and Mediterranean food.

The Shell, 124 Southampton Row, for seafood.

Within walking distance is the neighborhood of Covent Garden, where you can hardly walk half a block without finding a good restaurant. You could walk around there, too, and see what interests you.

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When we came out of the British Museum the bus line was disrupted (police activity on the street) so we wandered into the Spaghetti house nearby. Small joint & they could not have been nicer, Food was good. We were bantering w te wait staff & they comped our lemoncello. It was just a fun time

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If you go down Museum Street which is basically right across from entrance to the Museum there are several places we ate at. As someone mentioned the Museum Tavern which is good pub food. Further down is a Ramen place but be warned, cash only. Called Menya I think. We loved it. Very tiny. Went there several times. Also ate at the Italian place next door, Amarcord. Very very nice people. We were staying right across from Museum so these places were good for us.