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Gluten Free in London

Has anyone had experience ordering gluten free foods in London? Will there be gluten free options everywhere or should I plan on packing some of my own snacks/food.

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perhaps not absolutely everywhere but the very great majority of places will have gluten free choices. Also veggie and vegan. These will be clearly marked.

Some places like fryers can be a cross contamination problem - best to ask if your fish and chips are in a different fryer to normal food...

Supermarkets will usually have a "Free From" area. Some items will be higher priced in that area than on the normal shelves for similar, perhaps larger products. Just read the labels.

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You shouldn’t have any trouble eating gluten free any place in the UK. For one thing, there is a law that says all restaurants must cater to peoples allergies, so just about every restaurant has options and usually ask you if you’re allergic to anything. A friend of mine is traveling right now with her sister-in-law, who must eat gluten-free, and she’s been so excited that she could eat gluten free fish and chips that she orders them every place she can.

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Restaurants do have to be allergy aware but not everywhere will cater for those with allergies. Chain restaurants are the best for this as they have processes in place to prevent cross contamination in a way that independent restaurants find difficult.