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Gatwick airport

We leave for england in 5 days, but I'm thinking well ahead, to our RETURN to the states. we will be going both ways on the GATWICK EXPRESS. on the return, emerging from the train area, where are you then?(Our flight, British airways, will be in South Terminal) is it easy enough to get to the check in? (We will have luggage--we can't skip a "physical" check in at the desk...) I have googled for a good map of Gatwick South Terminal--found "tons" but can anyone suggest the best?

Not that any other explanation is necessary, but this trip is for our 10th wedding anniversary--so I want everything to be SMOOTH, even if my questions are rather "dumb," perhaps

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The train station is located literally in the middle of the airport complex; between the two terminals.
All you have to do is follow the signs for South Terminal, and then find your check-in desk. No need to over-think it:)

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--but on arriving at the south terminal from the train, would you be in the "check in" level? or would additional stairs, lifts, escalators be in play to get to the check in desk?

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Gatwick express stops at the South terminal the checkin counters are on the same level no stairs less than 5 minute walk when you get off the train

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enideros ... just to add, Gatwick has signs for everything and the signs are all in English. You won’t get lost in the airport. Also, even though you have luggage, you can still check in the day before online. If you’ve checked in online, you can go directly to the baggage drop queue.

Have a wonderful trip!

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I've never flown out of Gatwick, but I've flown into it and then taken the train into London. OMG, this is the best thing ever!!! There are signs everywhere, and for the one time when we - as Americans from a small town with little public transportation - were going 'this seems too easy, let's ask someone', we had no problems finding someone to answer our question.

Your questions aren't dumb. I hope you have a wonderful anniversary trip!!

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We just returned last week from our trip to England. Gatwick is an extremely easy airport to navigate. There are signs everywhere and very helpful staff. We also used Gatwick Express both ways. When you are leaving for the return trip, depart the Gatwick Express train. You will see signs that point you towards the departure terminal. There will be both an escalator and elevator for you to choose, although there is some walking involved. British Airways is in section C of the South Terminal. Follow the signs to the South terminal departure area and then look for the large C that is on the poles. Bag drop and check-in are right there.
Enjoy!! We had a great British Airways experience.

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Just remember you are not the only one flying that day. Most of the train will be airline passengers with luggage and high percentage will be locals so just follow the flow. And I have yet to see an airport that doesn't have good signage in English. So relax a bit.