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Day trip to Stonehenge and Bath from London?

Hello all-we will be in London for 6 days and I am planning to allocate a day to Stonehenge and Bath. After much research, going on our own vs a tour, I’m leaning toward the tour bus. I see smaller vs larger coach and tour companies. Can anyone make a recommendation in this area? We leave on November 15th. Many thanks!

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In 2006 (also in November), took a Gray Line Tour which included visits to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath. It was an efficient way to visit all three sites in one day, and as Bath was the final (and most distanced) stop on the itinerary, it made for a convenient nap during the ride back to central London, which was a great way to re-charge the batteries for enjoying an evening venue.

As I recall, the Windsor stop allowed for about 90 minutes; around an hour at Stonehenge (this was before the formal visitor center was constructed, so it may stay there longer now that there's some infrastructure); and 2-1/2 hours in Bath. I found the time spent at each locale sufficient to appreciate the surroundings, though I would've gladly stayed longer in Bath.

That November, our group had approximately 12-15 participants with one guide, who was friendly and knowledgable. As the coach is a full-size vehicle (50 passenger seats), no telling if that's what they usually get and/or if our group was less full than typical. Hope this helps!

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I did a bus tour to Bath , Stonehenge and Salisbury years ago now . I had been to Bath before so it wasn’t too bad that visit was super long , however I did prefer having a whole day in Bath on my own , but I get you’re under time constraints .
I personally could have skipped Salsbury - but for those into cathedrals I’m sure it’s worthwhile .
Stonehenge - well you will think me awful - but when we arrived I decided to not bother entering ( our tour you had to pay entrance separate ) I saw enough from the road , I decided to walk around a bit instead . We had enough time there ( according to fact many people arrived back at bus early and told me so lol )

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I would not recommend the bus tour. I did this last year and it was a good tour of the bus. Because that is most of what you see. The bus. The traffic in and out of London just takes to long to drive.

I love. Bath (and wish I had spent more time) and Stonehenge was great but I didn’t get enough time to enjoy the museum.

So while our guide was great we just lost to much time in traffic.

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Try a group called the English Bus. Our daughter and I did a tour to Stonehenge and Bath with them and it was a delightful day. A small group of 16 I think, no more than that. Also stopped in a small village which was great fun for a short break.

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Thanks for the comments all! After much research I was actually considering the English Bus so thanks for the recommendation. I was debating whether we would enjoy the small vs large group, which would be noisier and I heard about music playing on the bus and sometimes loud. I’m a bit noise adverse so I always consider these things. Thanks again!

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Bath has enough to keep you occupied for a full day if you take the train from London. Stonehenge is small and disappointing IMO. You are likely to spend longer on a coach than you will seeing places, as you are likely to get stuck in traffic.

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Last October 2018 we drove to Bath from LHR and we’re pleased to see Stonehenge on our right. As we breezed by we agreed it was enough to see the site and not stop, pay to see it up close or loose valuable time in Bath.

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We used Anderson Tours, small bus with maybe 10 of us on board. No Tour really just transportation. We used the headphones at Stonehenge and received a tour from the guides in bath. Entry was included in the price. Very comfortable.

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Hi mlt3
I agree with Jennifer from Tunbridge Wells. She has always given excellent information about the country side.

I was just in Bath in September for 2 full days and I could have spent more time there. I have never done a bus tour because I have heard that the traffic can be so bad that it can restrict your time at the sights you came to see.

Good luck.

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Actually think we did the same trip as Pat. Agree mostly with her assessment. Stonehenge is an interesting arrangement of rocks. We actually had high tea in Salisbury that was enjoyable. But it made for a long day from London. On another trip we just took local transit to Bath and spent the day. What you are suggestion is OK for a quick overview of those sites.

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Don’t be discouraged by those not liking the bus ride, or their not liking Stonehenge! All that matters is that You want to see it so you should go.
I’ve been three times, twice with friends who had never been and once on a tour of England, Scotland and Wales. You seem to have a tour bus selected already so go and enjoy! I find the stones fascinating along with the history of the area.

It can be rather cool and breezy so be prepared.

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I appreciate all of the feedback! I welcome all of it. I realize the time on the bus is not something to look forward to but we are not going to rent a car. I looked at what we would have to go through to do this on our own and I’m not sure if it will be as awesome if we attempt on our own in case there is rain all day and I already expect it to be cold. If we don’t do the bus, we’ll only make our way to Bath. I live in the states and since this is my first visit to London of course I want to knock out as many wonders as possible :). I wondered if anyone has attempted these 2 destinations using public transportation and if you would do it again or not? I’m so pleased to hear from so many of you. Thank you!!

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We have done the Bath Stonehenge tour from London with International Friends Tour Co. very good tour and guide. Highly recommend, check them out.