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What I originally found was not the place you have booked, but seems to have a similar name.

Your place is 'new' to so has no reviews from customers who used has 128 reviews ( 8.0- Very good) for the Charmstay location at Kings Cross.

That seems positive, but I have no first hand experience.

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I’m a big fan of - if your gut says “no,” go to plan B. The last thing you want to do is arrive in a foreign country, tired and jetlagged only to discover that your accommodations don’t exist.

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From Street View it can be seen that it is a 3 storey 120 year old property above a Sainsbury's grocery store, and the flats above the store at least look lived in, so not an empty property. That is one positive. Access to the flats is by one door next to the grocery store. As a neighbourhood store it'll be open long hours. It's a busy main road.
I have no idea how you would prove ownership and therefore legitimacy. Are all those properties on the webpage owned by the same landlord?
I'm not sure I'd be super confident or overly happy about the location with two late night takeaways next door to the grocery store. In some ways positive for you, but in terms of foot traffic and night time conduct. Hum. Possibly more negatives than positives.

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Thanks for the wonderful comments.
Yes all flats are owned by the same landlord. I believe that I rented first floor and third floor:

Well I did some research of my own also.

I have these conversations with the owner:

I understand! In front of the building there is a large park and the street is full of shops and restaurants. The metro station is only 500 meters away so the children won't get too tired😊

You can also look around the area around Shepherd's Bush Green with google street view to get an idea of ​​the area!

She also called me through WhatsApp.

I also communicated with airbnb support:

I have contacted the Host and asked if she will continue Hosting you in the reservation.

After carefully checking the account it shows that the reservation was confirmed and yes, it is a legitimate transaction and good news here. I received a response from the Host confirming she will continue Hosting you with the reservation you booked.