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Cheaper Lodging in Kensington, Piccadilly or Hyde Park Areas

My family of 6 will be staying in London a few nights prior to the start of the Family Tour in July 2023. Does anyone recommend a particular hotel or airbnb in the Kensington, Piccadilly or Hyde Park areas of London? Would prefer to spend $300 per night. Is that even possible? All suggestions welcome!

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$300 for all six of you? I doubt it. Premier Inn usually has the most budget-friendly rooms. They have two properties in Kensington. I checked the Kensington Olympia for random dates next July, for. Family room for 4 and a double room for the other two. For 3 nights it said £1020, which is £340 a night.

But they won’t let you book it yet for next July.

Perhaps someone can suggest an AirBnB that would work, but I am leery of using that in London.

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In July I'd want air conditioning. That's not universally available in London, so be sure of what you're getting.