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Cheap(er) eats in London

Pret a Porter is everywhere...a fine selection of tasty foods for on the go. If you buy to eat elsewhere, they are cheaper than eating inside. I cannot recommend their fruit beverages...many had an odd, perfume-ish aftertaste.

Tried Wagamama, after reading about it on a RS blog. big whup. Many dishes lacked any depth of flavor.

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It’s Pret A Manger not Pret a Porter. Ready to Eat as opposed to Ready to Wear. :-)

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Yeah, Pret à Manger is pretty much ubiquitous in London and has been our go to place for a quick breakfast or take away lunch for many years.

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St Martin in the Fields restaurant in the crypt serves decent food at reasonable prices. It is not gourmet but tasty.

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We like Wagarama for a quick bite such as at Heathrow. If you are looking to save money, rent an apartment and pick up inexpensive ready to heat entrees at Mark and Spencer.

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I don’t care for Pret A Manger. Marks and Spencer lunches are much better. Caffè Nero is good for breakfast.

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We ate at Pret a Manger and the cript both in June of this year after eating there several times other years and would return to both next time we visit London.

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Well, that'll teach me not to post while migraining...yes, Pret a Manger!

Tried Cafe Nero-not for me...