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"Best French cheeseburgers in London"

I recently saw a YouTube video featuring "the best French cheeseburgers in London" at 1 of London's many street markets. I have not, however been able to find the name of the market or the name of the food stand. Any ideas?

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In searching (what I thought) was the video you were watching, it looks as if you can see the name of the food stand at the very beginning. Could it be called The Palate located at Camden Market? Looks delicious! Here's the link:

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Thanks, CJS! Yup, that's it!

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You also might try the raclette at the Kappacasein stall in Borough Market. They use their own cheese and make a toasted cheese sandwich that I daresay would rival your gastronomic adventure with the cheeseburger. We each get one on every trip to Borough Market. Now we're going to have to follow your lead to the "best French cheeseburger in London". Happy eating.