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Bath eats - Yak Yeti Yak, Rajpoot Tandoori, and Crystal Palace

  1. Yak Yeti Yak. The food here was ok, but not outstanding. (We are from Minneapolis, where there are huge numbers of good ethnic restaurants, so our standards are high.) We were discouraged from sharing, so we each ordered separately and I ended up leaving over half my food on my plate (because I was full, not because it was inedible). We are in our 60's, not big eaters. NOTE: you pay extra for your rice.
  2. Rajpoot Tandoori. A sign on the door said that the minimum per person was 20 pounds. We can't eat that much, so we were not able to eat there. Normally we share (or, at home, we take home leftovers). It was irksome not to be able to try out this restaurant due to their restriction on sharing (via the minimum price requirement).
  3. Crystal Palace pub. This place had great food. I had the delicious Wild Mushroom Ravioli with spinach & toasted almond butter sauce. Just the right amount for me. (My husband had meatballs, which he said were good.) For dessert we shared the "Vintage Ale and Molasses Sticky Toffee with caramel sauce." This was somewhat like gingerbread, and good.

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