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Whit Monday


My fiance and are starting our European adventure in Copenhagen-but discovered we will be there Monday, May 16th also known as Whit Monday. I don't know anything about the holiday but apparently Whit Monday is kind of a major holiday in Europe. Should we expect many things to be closed? I know stores will be but will the whole city be kind of 'shut-down?'
Any insight will be appreciated!


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I would say that in Europe, or Germany, at least, Whit is kind of like Memorial Day or 4th of July. I don't know if Whit is always on a Monday, but when I was there in 2012, it was a three-day weekend. I was in Saxony, and I went down to Dresden on Saturday, and it was full of tourists. And when I came back to Munich on Monday the trains were full. However, I think stores and restaurants were open normally.

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Pentacost or With monday is a national holiday, so most supermarkets and store will be closed and public transport will run on a holiday schedule. Many restaurants and cafés will still be open.