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We will be in Copenhagen in late June 25th - 28th

We arrive in Copenhagen on the 25th of June, in the early afternoon and will be sailing out on the evening of the 28th.

The cruise offers a choice on the 28th between a 6 1/2 hour tour of Frederiksborg and Kronborg castles, or a 4 hour tour of the Viking museum and Cathedral.

I am wondering about paid guided tours, Vs ship tours, Vs doing it ourselves.

Maybe setting out from the hotel on the 26th to do as described in another Rick Steves post at 8:30 AM - 6PM and do the Cathedral, Viking Museum, but instead of the Frederiksborg castle, maybe do the National museum. then take the ship tour of the two castles on the 28th?

We also want to do the Viking boat sailing out of the Viking museum. (80 minutes) but the ship tour would not accommodate this

If I had to choose one for the guided ship tour, should I do the castles with the guided tour and then the viking museum and cathedral on our own another day and add the National Museum?

the 27th is check in on the cruise and settling on on the cruise. with some flexibility and no "planed" excursions.

ANy ideas, suggestions?

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Roskilde and the Cathedral and Viking ship museum is very easy to visit on your own. There are frequent trains between Copenhagen and Roskilde and everything is within walking distance.
Frederiksborg and Kronborg are also possible to visit by train, but since they are in two different towns ( Hillerød and Helsingør) there is an extra train trip involved, so a guided tour might save you sone hassle. I don’t know enough about the different tours to know if they are worth the money though.
For all public transport is your go to travel planner.

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"I am wondering about paid guided tours, Vs ship tours, Vs doing it ourselves. "

Do you have the book Rick Steves Northern European Cruise Ports? In it, he gives details about what's involved in seeing places yourself from each cruise port. With this information, you can decide how to proceed.

If you are interested in your own tour, look at Cruise Critic and their Roll Calls. These let you connect with others on your sailing, so you can make your own group for a private tour. This is "best of both worlds" - smaller and more customized than a ship tour, but cheaper than a tour for just you, since you're splitting the cost with more people.

The Cruise Critic site has a lot of information, but it's very hard to navigate. Here are the Roll Calls:

and here is the Northern Europe and Baltic Ports Forum: