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Visa electron question

i am a student travelling to Copenhagen. I have Visa Electron card issued by the bank which is not present in Denmark (Intesa).
Can i withdraw money from atm of some Danish bank (with charges)?

I know that i can withdraw money from another bank atm, but the reason that i am asking the question - is that most of the banks in Denmark are some banks i have never heard of so i was wondering - do banks need to have some mutual agreement so that the user could use their atm , or it is just connected to card type, no matter who issued it.

Also, do i need to inform the bank that i am travelling?


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You should always inform the card issuer/bank that you will be using the card while traveling.
I don't know the answers to the other questions you asked.

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ATM machines have signs reflecting which brands of card they accept. Some machines may be for withdrawals from that bank or post office only, but most display Visa and MasterCard among other logos of cards they accept. Use a debit/ATM card for cash withdrawals, not a credit card (which will start to charge interest immediately on any cash advance). See also and other links on that page.

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Electron cards have more restrictions than most.

I wouldn't necessarily expect it to work in a different country.

The suggestion I would have is to ask your card provider before you travel, and if the answer is NO to come up with an alternate plan.