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Vegetarian in Copenhagen and Stockholm - what should I try?

In mid to late August I'm going to Sweden and Denmark: a few days in Stockholm, a few days in Copenhagen, and maybe a short stop somewhere in between. I'm a vegetarian (meaning no meat, poultry, or seafood of any kind, but yes to dairy and eggs). From the RS Scandinavia guidebook and the internet searching I've done so far, I'm confident that I won't starve. But a lot of the vegetarian options I can find are things like pasta, pizza, and falafel, that I can just as easily get at home. I'm happy to eat those things for most of my meals if that's what's easiest, but to the extent that I can, I'd like to try some foods that are more characteristically Swedish and Danish.

For example, I gather that vegetarian smørrebrød exist, but that not every place serves them. Where can I find some good ones? (I'll note here that while I know Scandinavia is expensive, I'd rather not spend an absolute fortune if I don't have to, and I'd definitely like to avoid any place that doesn't tell you the prices before you order.) Aamanns Deli ( looks like an OK option, but I'm sure there are plenty more.

Will fresh berries still be in season? Are they worth a try? If so, where should I buy them?

What else should I try?

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Hello fellow vegetarian! I was in Copenhagen two years ago and had no problems at all finding affordable and tasty cuisine (though I mostly lived off of super-delicious pastries and coffee!). I will admit I didn't eat a lot of traditional Danish food, but if you are interested in experiencing a popular Danish chain, I would recommend Joe and the Juice, an inexpensive eatery that specializes in smoothies and warm sandwiches. While a wee bit pricey and somewhat hipsterish, The Laundromat Cafe had some really great veggie cuisine (it's also in a pretty cool neighborhood). As for a veggie smørrebrød, I was really impressed with the offerings at the restaurant located in the art museum Louisiana. While not strictly all-veg, there was a great selection of traditional vegetarian-friendly Danish cuisine.

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Thanks so much! Yeah, I definitely don't limit myself to all-veggie places - as long as there's something on the menu that I want to eat, I'm happy. I wasn't initially planning on heading out as far as the Louisiana art museum, but now I might reconsider. And of course, pastries and coffee sound great too. :)

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I usually recommend anyone (vegetarians and meat eaters alike) to check out Copenhagen Street Food
It's a street food market housed in an old industrial paper storage warehouse on an island (called paper island or Papirøen in Danish) by the harbour. While I am not familiar with the vegetarian options there, I'm sure you'll find something.

Late august is probably more mushroom season than berry season. If you can find fresh chantarell mushrooms in Sweden go for it, though they are quite expensive.

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That market looks amazing - I love places like that. Thanks, Morten.

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In Copenhagen, the Torvehallerne is another great option similar to Morten's suggestion (

Rizz Razz has a vegetarian buffet (

For Indian food in Copenhagen, I liked Spicey Kitchen in Christianshavn and I swear the palak paneer at Cafe Munk was magical (their veggie burger is good too, and I'm pretty certain everything there is just great):

In both Copenhagen and Stockholm, you'll find the Swedish fast food chain Max Burger has an excellent veggie burger (by fast food standards) if you're on the go and in need!

I've used everywhere I've traveled and found it to be a great resource. I know none of these suggestions are "traditional" dishes, so I apologize, but I hope it helps get you started! I'd also recommend asking any Swedes or Danes that you meet. They speak EXCELLENT English. You could even ask hosts or servers of restaurants if it's possible for any of their dishes to be made vegetarian.

Have a wonderful trip!