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Vaxjo (Swdn) and Copenhagen during Easter weekend?

For this Spring, we're planning accommodation and other arrangements for a first trip to Scandinavia. According to our current plan, we’d be in Vaxjo, Sweden on Good Friday traveling to and staying in Copenhagen during for the rest of the holiday weekend, including Easter. As we have not traveled to this general part of Europe before, we’re in the dark about what sorts of essential services for travelers may be closed (banks, information offices, etc). Can anyone fill us in?

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Both Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays in Sweden, so banks will be closed. Bank closures shouldn't impact you as you should plan to get your cash from an ATM (bankomat); in most Swedish banks this is the only way to get cash. In Stockholm, grocery stores and restaurants are generally open on holidays; I suspect this is the case in other parts of Sweden and would probably be the case in a city like Copenhagen, but I don't know for sure. Many shops will be closed. Hours for tourist sites may vary. I haven't been to Växjö (is there something specific you are visiting there?).

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