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upcoming Denmark trip

this trip is in the middle of a much larger 4 or 5 month trip so I have a good amount of time on my hands if I wish to extend anything. Im looking to spend 10 - 15 days in Denmark and I have a rough itinerary if you would look over, give some tips or suggestion. Im into hiking and am a history buff and will be traveling to Denmark in the beginning of March. I will be staying mostly in Airbnb as they seem to be just as expensive as hostel rooms. I will be coming from Sweden most likely so my first stop would be in Copenhagen, and purchasing the Copenhagen Card for a couple days of rail travel and museums.

-Copenhagen (5) days.... 3 full days in the city I was thinking of doing some hiking or biking in 'The Deer Garden' just north of the city. Day trip to Kronborg castle and Frederiksborg castle. Day trip to Roskilde for the cathedral and Viking Museum.

-Odense (1) day There are a couple of churches I would like to see here. Mabye Egeskov castle.

-Kolding (1) Only staying here one day so I can check out the Moravian Church in Christiansfeld.

-Ribe (2) Two days on the cobblestone streets of Denmark's oldest city. Mabye stay an extra day here, any good day trips that are easily done with public transportation?

-Aarhus (3) days. On the way from Ribe to Aarhus I will stop off in Jelling to see the rune stones. Seeing the Cathedral and ARoS museum as well as The Old Town Museum in Aarhus. I hear it has a good nightlife so I may hit up some jazz pubs or brew pub.

I was thinking about possibly adding one or two more stops along the way. Perhaps Svendborg or Ærø? anyone have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

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Den Gamle By in Aarhus is a really interesting outdoor museum. It has been around since 1907 and they have progressively been moving old buildings there and recreating streets from different eras. They are up to the 1970s and have flats that they bought the entire contents at a point in time and recreated what the place looked like and have oral histories from the original occupants. It was fascinating Den Gamle By

AROS gallery was also great.

We stayed at the Radisson RED in Aarhus and it was very handy to everything.

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The. deer garden is beautiful. We visited there when our son was at DTU right by there.

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At Kolding this summer, I stayed at the Hotel Koldingfjord for three nights and really liked it. It is a little ways out from the city, but there is a bus that goes right there from the bus depot by the train station (presumably this is how you would get to Christiansfeld, I am guessing.)

The hotel is a bit grand, an old sanatorium, and has tons of single rooms due to its origins.

I also highly recommend the castle in town, the Koldinghus, if you have time to work it into your schedule.

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Overall, the more we know about your trip, the better advice we can provide. What are your plans for the rest of the trip, and where are you going after Denmark?

But in general it looks like a good plan. It is a bit focused on urban areas, but March is not a time for hiking in Denmark I'd say, unless spring is early. Odense deserves at least two nights in my opinion, apart from the churches there is also the H.C. Andersen museum that is worth a visit. Ærø is a bit overrated in my opinion, and I don't think it's worth a visit in March.

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We just got back from Denmark. Heck, we stayed in Roskilde for four nights so there is plenty to do there. I would recommend that you check the open hours of the cathedral there as one of the days we were there it was only open one hour.

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When you visit the Deer Garden include a stroll through "Bakken". It is not open i March, but it is still of historic interest since it is the worlds oldest amusement park and you may see people preparing for the Easter opening.

When you are in Helsingør/Elsinore to visit Kronborg, also visit the Maritime Museum. It is the only museum I know, which is about the merchant navy.