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The Billund Legoland is pretty cool for adults, too. I really enjoyed it.

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Interesting! We’re planning on a trip to Denmark this summer, and the Lonely Planet guidebook devotes a full page to the Lego site.

But the CopenHill is clearly a big deal. Unfortunately, as my Danish is non-existent (does knowing “Lego” count?), and the Website has recognizable words “ski,” “snowboard,” magic carpet,” and “freestyle,” the rest will take me a while to sort out. But looks like a chance to get in some runs in July without making a trip to the Southern Hemisphere or to Mt. Hood. And it’s big enough to have multiple lifts, plus the magic carpet. Credit, too, for the clean waste-burning power plant!

So in the winter, if there’s snow on the ”grøn plastik” surface, does CopenHill have Powder Days? Or, instead of Snowcat groomers, do they use big vacuum cleaners? The photos on the Website were surprising, to see people in ski equipment, with a non-smoking smokestack in the background in one, and a big cruise ship in another.

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Hi Cyn,

my Danish is non-existent (does knowing “Lego” count?)

Not really. LEGO is short for "LEg GOdt" which means "Play well".

I found a language button in the upper right corner, which brought me to If you still have trouble, just ask here :-)

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LEGO is short for "LEg GOdt" which means "Play well".

I never knew that! Very cool!

My brother and his wife took their kids last year to Denmark and they really enjoyed the bog man museum (the kids are a bit older, 10 and 13 at the time).