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Transfer times in Copenhagen airport

We are arriving on an SAS flight from the States at 7:15 AM. We leave on an Air France flight to Bordeaux at 9:40. From what I can determine, the SAS flight comes into terminal 3 & the Air France leaves from Terminal 2. Is there enough time to go through immigration, customs, retrieve our baggage, go to terminal 3 and then check our bags for the Air France flight?

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I've flown SAS 3 times through that nice airport.
It all depends on if the flight to Copenhagen arrives on time.
You should give yourself a minimum of 4 hours when taking a risk like this; flying on separate tickets with checked in luggage that you have to recheck and then go through security is a recipe for disaster

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Have you already bought the tickets or are you still looking at options?

If the former, you may want to start working on "Plan B" in case something goes sideways.

If the latter, it would be wise to give yourself more of a margin between flights, especially, if as it appears, you are doing separate bookings.

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Copenhagen Airport is a bit peculiar in my opinion. From US you arrive in finger C and go through immigration into the common area (i.e. common for Terminal 2 and 3). If you do not have to pick up baggage you can just go directly to your gate and if you are not delayed I would think 2½ hours should be enough.

If you have to pick up baggage you have to leave the common area, pick up your baggage, go though customs (not a big deal), go back to security (a big deal) and back into the common area. Then 2½ hours would not be enough for my peace of mind.

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Thanks to everyone for your replies. We have been able to book flights with at least a 4 hour differential.