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Trains from Copenhagen to Stockholm

We are planning a trip to visit both cities this summer. Are there good options to take a train between the two cities? How long a train ride is it and where could I find schedules, prices etc.??

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You can find schedules and prices on, the swedish railways site.
Alternatively you could fly between the two cities, norwegian airlines usually has some good deals or you could try the Scandinavian Airlines SAS.
The train is about 5 hours city center to city center, whereas the planes have you going trough security and the airports are away from the city centers, so you also have to factor in the price of getting to and from the airports. So price and time wise, there is not much difference between plane and train.

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Hello, I just reserved a train in the opposite direction for July. (You can only reserve about 3 months in advance.) By getting your tickets early, you get a better price and choice of seats for the high-speed train. In fact, it was so affordable, I selected first class, which gives breakfast to the early-in-the-day travelers. I can't tell you about the trip till I get back! :-) I used the website the prior person gave you for research but it would not accept my credit card so I paid a bit more to go through the agency mentioned on this fellow's blog:

Good travels to you!