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Train reservations needed?

I’ll be taking the train from Lund, Sweden to Aarhus in early September. As I browse the website for schedules, the Danish site states “reservations recommended” for the IC train departing Copenhagen. I’m wondering how important that would be and if it is, doesn’t a reservation mean I have to take that exact train at that time? I’d prefer not to be tied to that one reservation time. But, I also don’t want to stand the whole trip. Do the IC trains always recommend reservations or is this particular journey to Aarhus popular enough that the train is always full?

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They always recommend reservations on IC trains, so there's nothing special about it - and you shouldn't take it too seriously, but Copenhagen - Aarhus is probably the busiest IC-route, as it connects the two largest cities in Denmark - but the trains are not always full (thank god!).

Yes, a reservation is indeed only valid for the exact train departure you buy it for (and if you get an Orange/Orange Fri ticket, those are also only valid for the selected departure too).

If you travel during rush hours or other popular travel times (such as Friday afternoon/evening and Sunday afternoon/evening), you should get a reservation, as trains do get busy. If you travel with a lot of luggage, you should get a reservation too. ICL/Lyn trains generally have more passengers for a longer part of the route than IC trains - and reservations are mandatory on ICL+/Lyn+. And if you want to be certain you won't have to stand up (because sometimes it's difficult to predict how many people show up to a particular departure time), or travel with several other people and want to sit together, you should get a reservation - but you got get your reservation closer to the departure, maybe even on the day you're travelling, if you want to keep some flexibility.

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Thank you - your response has been extremely helpful.