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Train or Rental Car Aarhus->Odense->Aeroskobing->Copenhagen


I'm seeking some advice on what's the easiest/best way to travel the listed itinerary. We will be three adults, each with a backpack and a rolling suitcase. We will arrive in Aarhus by train from Germany, spend a couple of nights, then Odense for a night, then a couple of nights in Aeroskobing followed by going to Copenhagen (and getting rid of the car, if any).

From my research, it looks like train tickets are a fair amount cheaper than a one way-rental, plus fuel, etc. But there's the hassle factor of schlepping luggage around downtown areas to/from hotels and ferries, and the restricted ability to have other stuff (e.g., sodas or a bottle of wine). And we'd then hope for a sunny day in Aero to ride bikes because we wouldn't have a car.

What do you all recommend?

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Start by looking up all you transport legs on
You will see that all of your legs are perfectly possible using public transport and possibly even more practical than having a car. It’s only really your trip to Ærøskøbing where a car might be more practical, especially if you want to tour the countryside on Funen as well. But it’s still perfectly doable by public transport.
An option could be to rent a car for a few days in Odense, use it to tour south Funen on your way to Ærø, then return it again in Odense to avoid a one way drop off fee amd take the train to Copenhagen.

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In order to avoid having to moving your luggage by hand from your hotel to the rental car, you would have to find parking right outside your hotel - and depending on the hotel and location, this can be difficult.
With your itinerary, I think you should take the train. It will be easier and more convenient. Book early to get the cheapest "Orange" and "Orange Fri" fares. Tickets are released 2 months ahead.

I don't see why you have to bring stuff like sodas and wine with you. Just buy something (in the local supermarket) when you want it.

If it's raining when you are on Ærø, you can opt for the (free) buses on the island - or if it's not that bad, put on a raincoat and rent a bicycle anyway.

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Thanks. This is good input. Off to try again to convince the spouse we don't need a car.

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"the restricted ability to have other stuff (e.g., sodas or a bottle of wine)"

I don't understand this comment. On a train, you can bring anything you want in terms of beverages (I rarely travel without soda!). And if you're driving, the blood alcohol limits are VERY strict, so the driver absolutely cannot have any wine, whereas on the train, both of you can have wine if you wish.