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Toll Roads in Scandinavia

Hi everyone,

I am renting a car through Hertz in Copenhagen and will be traveling through Sweden (Gothenburg) and Norway (from Oslo to Bergen and back) with it. I was wondering how the toll system works as far as paying the tolls go. Are the tolls collected at time of travel or is it all automated? If it is automated, how do I make payment.

Any and all advice, help and tips are greatly appreciated.

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Between Copenhagen and Norway going trough Sweden the only toll road is the Øresund Bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden. You can pay with credit card at the toll station on the Swedish side of the bridge. you can find the prices here

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You should ask Hertz how it works in each of those countries for their cars. Some places you can pay after the fact at an automated kiosk, some places the rental agency gives you transponders to collect the charges, some places the road authority snaps a pic of the license plate and send the bill to the rental agency who attaches it to your CC charge (what happened to us in Norway).

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The Øresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden has tolls and the toll booth has both manual lanes, credit card lanes and automated lanes. There are also tolls on the Svinesund Bridge between Sweden and Norway and on entering Oslo, Gothenburg and Stockholm. All of these have only automated payment with transponder. If you do not have a transponder, your car rental agency will get the bill in the mail, and they will bill you afterwards. If you have a transponder, they are billed directly. Remember to ask them about a transponder and how you pay.