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Tivoli visit Individual rides tickets

We will be in Copenhagen on Saturday and Sunday, June 18 and 19 and plan to visit Tivoli with our 3 generation family group which includes 5 kids, ages 10-17. We are trying to decide on buying a ride all day ticket versus individual ride tickets, at least for those of our group who won't ride much. Does anyone know the approximate price of a single ride ticket? Also, we don't want to buy entry tickets ahead of time because of weather uncertainty, so are hoping lines aren't too long on day of entry.

Finally, can anyone recommend a moderate family type of restaurant in the park, or are all the park restaurants over-priced relative to restaurants outside?

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Everything in the park is overpriced. Food, rides, drinks. But I wouldn't miss it. Most of the rides are from yesteryear if compared to Six Flag or Disney. Copenhagen is expense period. I don't know of any reasonable priced restaurant in the park but there are food booth's with burgers, etc. Go to their webpage and make some decisions based on pricing you will see there. Just add a few more dollars to your budget and have a great time.

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I think all rides are 50-90 DKK each. You can check on webpage:
Taking weather into account is a good idea.
I don't have much restaurant experience. There is a food hall open to both Tivoli visitors and people from the outside. When you enter its outdoor seating area from inside Tivoli make sure you get a stamp to get in again.
Comparing restaurant prices is hard, but I don't they are much over the outside. La Vecchia Italia in Tivoli serves Pizza for around 150 DKK and that seems to be a common price of Italian pizza outside Tivoli as well. Wienerschnitzel at Påfuglen is 199DKK which I think it is below average. Also note that you don't really have to tip, but you can round up the total if want when you get good service.

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I was just there 2 weeks ago. Had a great dinner at a sit down restaurant (looked like a glassed conservatory) and rode one ride that was about $10 USD.

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Thank you to all of you who took the time to respond. This has helped us to plan our Tivoli visit.