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Tivoli to Langelinie and Langelinie to Louisiana et al

We will be in Copenhagen for a half day, a night and another day. The first partial day we plan on visiting Tivoli Garden in the late afternoon and an evening performance at the Glass Hall Theatre. I assume the performance will not conclude until 21:00-22:30 hr at which time we will return to the ship docked at Langelinie. Is there a bus we can board at the train station that will stop at Langelinie or a combination of Metro (perhaps from the Train Station to Osterport Station) and then a bus to Langelinie which will operate in the late-evening?

On our second day in port we plan on taking the S-tog in the morning to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and Kronborg Castle. Can we board a train at Osterport Station and get to the Louisiana and Kronborg without changing trains? Our ship does not depart Copenhagen until 17:00, might we be able to include Frederiksborg Castle if we make a "loop" from Osterport to Louisiana, then to Kronborg, then to Frederiksborg and return to Osterport Station?

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Thanks Morten, the link did indeed provide me with answers to my questions. Thanks.

Could you indulge me with an answer to another question? On our first (partial) day in Copenhagen we plan to visit the Rosenborg Castle, take the metro to Chrtistiania, walk around and hopefully take a canal boat, and leave a little time for a beverage at a local cafe. Later in the day we'll visit Tivoli Gardens and attend a performance there. The second day, as I noted earlier, we'll spend the day in upper Zealand, visiting the Louisiana Museum, Kronborg Castle and hopefully Fredensborg Palace or Frederiksbordg Castle (all by train and walking). Will the Copenhagen 48 hour card be the thing to go or pay-as-we-go for the train/metro and specific venues we'll visit?

PS One more question, which would you suggest having dinner in Christiania or while at Tivoli Gardens?

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I'm not sure if the Copenhagen card will be worth it for your first day, but I think it will pay itself off on your north Zealand trip because the train tickets in themselves are pricey. The only way to know for sure is to do the math of course.

Louisiana, Kronborg and Frederiksborg in the same day is quite a lot, so you wont have much time to actually spend in the museums. You could of course just look at the castles from the outside, without doing the tours. I would skip Fredensborg, it's not that interesting unless you are super into gardening. Helsingør town is also quite nice for a stroll and lunch on the square.

On your trip to Christiania, see if you can catch one of the guided tours by the local residents, I find it well worth it.
Regarding dinner I'm not sure of Christiania itself has any restaurants besides burgers and kebab stalls, but the surrounding neighbourhood of Chrisianshavn has a wide variety of restaurants ranging from the worlds best restaurant for several years running ( to street food at Papirøen
Tivoli also has the same range from Michelin stars to hot dogs.