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Tivoli Gardens Dinner Options

We will be visiting Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens on the evening of 9 August 2020 and want to have dinner there. What suggestions does the forum have for dinner options? I've heard there is a lakeside beer garden and that we should make reservations in advance.

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There are at least 20 options for seated dining at Tivoli, probably more. We didn't have dinner there, but I suggest that you investigate more options so you can choose cuisine/reputation/decor/price/whatever. Last time I was there, there was a charge for exit-with-readmission, so that's a good reason to eat "inside". But it's clearly a major dining mecca. The question is (and I don't pretend to know) how good are the restaurants?

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Here's is a list of Tivoli cafes, restaurants, etc.

Yes there is a beer garden and if that appeals to you, could be a good choice. They do not take individual reservations, though, and it does not look to be outside on the lake.

I have only dined at Påfuglen (the Peacock) and like it enough that I have been there 3 times. But that was 20 years ago and things may have changed.

I have also been to a dessert place which was fun and delicious, but I do not recall which one.

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It has been over 10 years since I ate there, but I enjoyed Wagamama with my son. It's casual, and a chain, but the only one I tried.

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What is your budget?

Nimb Brasserie is the best I have tried - but also the most expensive.

The Lakeside beer garden is called Færgekroen (Ferry Inn) - I haven't eaten there for years, but they have good beer. The "not on the lake" beer garden is called Ølgrotten (Beer Cave) - don't get them mixed up :-)

Note: The language option on the Tivoli home page is a bit hard to find. Look in the bottom of the left side.

Edit: I guess the dessert place mentioned above was "Cakenhagen"

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We ate at Groften which was very good. We went to eat there and didn’t
really deal with Tivoli otherwise. We had to pay full entrance fee to get in the park, though. Our hotel had sent us there for dinner. I wouldn’t do it again doe to park fees.

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