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Thoughts on Tivoli Gardens

Hi All,

It seems that Tivoli Gardens is generally listed as a must-see in Copenhagen. On one hand, it doesn't seem all that different from a standard amusement park here in the states, on the other hand, it surely has a long history and seems to be a beloved Danish institution. I'm curious to hear personal thoughts and recollections from those who have been there. It is certainly on our list for our two full days in CPH but I'd like to know more.

Thank you!


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In one sense Tivoli isn't much different from a standard amusement park here in the states. It's filled with locals having fun.

Of course, seeing locals having fun in the USA isn't that interesting if you live in the USA. But it's a good way to get a glimpse at an aspect of Danish life when you're in Copenhagen.

To me, Tivoli didn't really resemble many US amusement parks I've been to. For one thing, it's right smack in the heart of the city. It is more like a park with amusements than an amusement park. I didn't notice the commercialism and product tie-ins you're likely to see in the US. It's a lovely place to walk around. I went there on my first evening in Copenhagen, after my long flight from the west coast, and I was jet lagged and it was a perfect way to relax and stay awake and try to adjust to the time change. I didn't go on any rides, just wandered about. It's hard to imagine visiting an amusement park in the US and not going on rides and still enjoying yourself.

I'm sure you can easily find some photos. If you want to see mine, they're in this album.

Have fun! Copenhagen is one of my favorite European cities.

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I found it pleasant enough, but would not call it a "must see." I was with my 11 year old who really enjoyed it as a break from seeing lots of history and museums. If amusement parks are not your thing, I am sure you can find lots of other fun things to do in an around Copenhagen. If just my husband and I went back with no kids, it would not be on my list to revisit.

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I think it has a different feel than any US amusement park I have been in. For one thing it is much older. It's also very attractive. I would have been totally delighted with it if not for the crowds. We were there in the evening in late June, and the crowds were pretty unbearable. There were long lines for the rides, and it was very congested, which made walking around not that enjoyable. I'm glad I got to see it, but I was pretty disappointed in the experience.