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Third museum in Aarhus or Town Walk in AEroskobing?

I will be flying into Copenhagen in the morning or early afternoon and taking the train directly to Aarhus for one night, before carrying on to AEro for two nights. In Aarhus, I'd like to see the Moesgard Museum, the folk museum and the ARoS Art Museum. While on AEro, I'd like to take the Town Walk. With the time we have we won't be able to do everything, so I need to pick between two options:

1) Arrive in Aarhus on a Wednesday (late closing at two of the museums), and see two of the sites on the day of our arrival and one the next morning. If we did this we'd miss the walk in AEroskobing, which is offered in English on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


2) Arrive in Aarhus on a Tuesday or Friday, see one site on the day we arrive and one the next morning. This way we could take the walk on AEro.

All of the museums look excellent. I have taken the Night Watchman Walk in Rothenburg (Germany) and loved it, and the Ghosts and Dragons Tour in Zagreb (so-so.)

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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Aarhus has some great museums IMO. Aros, Moesgaard Museum and Den Gamle By are all good museums and well worth your time (depending on your interests, of course). As l.p.enersen said, you can spend a full day in Den Gamle By. I’d like to add that you can also easily spend a half to a full day at both Aros and Moesgaard as well.

I haven’t been on the Night Watchman Tour in Ærøskøbing so I can’t comment on the tour. But Ærø is a nice island.