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The Clarion Hotel and The Lounges at The Copenhagen Airport

After my cruise, I will have to overnight in Copenhagen. I have the early flight to London.

I am thinking of staying at The Clarion overnight and can book it using my American Airline rewards.

Anyone stay there and what was your experience?

What about the spa? Anyone use the spa and or have a massage treatment?

And how about the lounges at the airport itself. I know they are not all available to me and I will have to buy a day pass if I decide to use a lounge.

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I just responded to your ? about Clarion on your original post. Did not use the spa. If your flight is early just stay in hotel which is connected to the terminal.
I only use my AA points to put myself in business class which I value highly. One way business class on business saver is 57,00 so I personally wouldn't give up 30,000 for a hotel.

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I take one cruise a year and I have never flown International so this is all new to me as well as very frustrating.

I am a lower income senior citizen and Business Class on a flight is not an option.

I have four credit cards, all partnered with an airline. I knew that American could take me to Copenhagen and back but I had no idea how complicated it was going to be. For months, I have used my Citi American building up my rewards. I paid off my cruise and then I started to research my flights and I got one big shock.

I had expected to use my rewards to fly both to and from but ....... This cruise has cost me much more than I expected to pay. Thus while I hate to use American rewards to pay for an overnight at the Clarion, I do not want to put much more money on any other credit cards and I want to use my American rewards.

I do not fly American very often. I did this time because it is the best way from to go from Austin to Copenhagen and home again. I purposely used my Citi card exclusively for months earning American rewards

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Thank you Brad.

I am able to book the Clarion with American Airlines rewards but it requires a lot of miles. I think that it will be a great way to end my vacation before flying home. I am going to relax and enjoy. It looks and sounds like a great place.

My flight out is the 7:20 a.m. to London. There is an early bird breakfast at 4:30 a.m. and I may be able to grab something before going through Passport and Security. I will not have much time to eat even though my booking will include the breakfast and buffet. And I love buffets!

I thought that I read something about a dinner buffet. Would you know anything about that?

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This is very strange.

I know that you recently responded to this post again. I received a notification to my email and I was able to read your post but for some reason, it is not showing up in the Rick Steves forum itself.

Thank you for the information. Your responses have been very helpful and informative.

Other persons have commented on how extremely expensive the food is at The Clarion while some of those same persons were not overly impressed with the food.

I plan to use my last day in Copenhagen before my very early flight exploring the neighborhood around the airport and in the airport itself. I will find somewhere to eat but will avoid eating at the Clarion except for the breakfast that comes with the cost of my room.

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Hi Brad,

Unfortunately my plane leaves at 7:20 a.m. The Clarion has a small early bird breakfast beginning at 4:30 a.m. which I might not even be able to enjoy.

I am leaving from terminal 2 and I believe that I am supposed to be at security about two hours ahead of time plus maybe more.

And the buffet comes with my booking. Darn.

The Clarion is now requiring 31,000 miles for my room. it was 30,000 a couple of days ago. I was hoping that it was going to go down but it is going in the other direction. My flight is not until October 3rd so I think that I will keep waiting and watching.

I am spending four days in Copenhagen before my cruise. My ship returns to port about 8 a.m. on October .2nd. I probably will not get to the hotel until about 12 noon and after getting in my room will probably want to relax and recover. R&R. Get ready for a long flight home.

Then I might walk around the airport and vicinity.

There must be some places to eat at the airport before security. I can not afford Clarion prices.

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Are you sure you need to be checked in two hours before? Usually check in opens two hours before for European flights and 3 hours before for intercontinental, but thats just the earliest you can check in, check in closed something like 45 minutes before departure, depending on the airline and destination. Check with your airline when check in closes.
With regards to eating at the airport before Security, there is a Burger King and some hotdog stands etc.

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If you don't fancy a Burger King meal, it will take less than 15 minutes to go back to central Copenhagen by Metro. That way you can spend the last afternoon in Copenhagen rather than in the airport.

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Check out the Crowne Plaza Copehagen Towers Hotel that is just a few miles from the airport. Great price for a nice hotel.

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The Crowne Plaza looks really nice but The Clarion is already booked for my overnight before flying home. I did check out the Crowne Plaza but my flight leaves at 7:20 a.m. and the first shuttle from The Crowne Plaza does not give me much or even enough time. I hate having to rush.

Did you stay at the Crowne Plaza? Isn't it very close to a nice Shopping Mall?

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I will have to call my airline (s) and see what time they suggest I be at the airport. I am booked with American but they put me on B.A so I guess that I call B.A.

After checking in at the Clarion, I might want to take a soothing bath and nap because I am going to have to be up about 3 a.m. to check out and head for the terminal. I also know that I will be very tired from the cruise ship to the airport.

When refreshed, I want to walk around the airport and see where I leave from., maybe sell back some of my currency. I believe that I am able to do my airline check in from The Clarion and print out my boarding pass.

Isn't there a really nice shopping mall close by? I believe that it is one simple word, beginning with a F?

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The shopping mall is called Fields and it is close to the Crowne Plaza hotel. There is a regular train from there to the Airport.
Not sure I would consider it a worthwile tourist destination, it’s just a shopping mall. I would rather spend my time taking a stroll along the beach at Amager Strandpark.