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The Buses to Oceankaj

I have received great help from this forum as I plan my trip to Copenhagen where after a few days, I will cruise the Norwegian Getaway. The trip is now just around the corner. It is completely booked and I am now getting to know Copenhagen.

I am planning to take the bus to Oceankaj from my hotel in Central Copenhagen

Recently, I read a review on Cruise Critic by a couple who sailed the NCL Getaway in June. They attempted to take the bus to Oceankaj but could never get on one because they were so full. This couple eventually had to take a taxi.

June is the height of the tourist season. I am sailing September 23rd at the end of the tourist season.

For those who might have taken public transportation to Oceankaj, what was your experience like? Were you able to get on a bus? Were they crowded? Were you passed by at all because of the crowding?

Equally, what was your experience getting back to Copenhagen? Did you use NCL's transport or public transport? If public transport, any problems?

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we have done the bus before with no problem and will be doing so again this August-----the best route is to take the tram to Osterport
both bus 25 and 27 go from there to oceankai-------bus 25 makes fewer stops so would probably be less crowded-----the bus stop is near terminal 1------terminals 3 and 4 would be a bit of a walk.

hope this help

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your answer was a big help.

I have seen a very few posts where a person is claiming that they had problems taking the bus to or from the port due to crowded buses but only a very few.

Maybe there were a lot of ships in port that day or maybe it was the time of day.

Thank you,


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Well since responding to you, Paul. I heard back from the visitors bureau. They acknowledged that the buses could get crowded on cruise days but said that a bus comes every 20 minutes.

Your response made me feel hopeful but the response from the visitors bureau did not. Time will tell, right. However, as said, I will be sailing the 23rd of September and I will leave very early giving myself a lot of time.

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Bus 25 starts at Nørreport Station which has both metro and S-train so it is easy to get to. Even if there is only one bus line there should be at least one empty bus coming every 20 minutes. Not sure how check-in works for cruises, but beating the crowd by going just ahead of it is another trick that can be used.

Bus 27 from Østerport is every 30 mins until 13:53 then every 15 mins until 17:38 then less frequent again.

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I am leaving on my cruise September 23rd. Is that considered Summer or Fall? Will both buses still be going to the port? I read somewhere that only one of the two buses operates in the Fall but I can not remember which one.

I may even look for a hotel that is very close to either of the stations. I have a very good deal at a hotel close to Tivoli Gardens but it is a walk, a short walk, from Central Station.

There is a Hotel Windsor close to Norreport Station which gets high reviews and I can book at a good price. Then there is Hotel Østerport right across the street from the Østerport Station but that will cost me about $250 more than what I have already got booked. I am going to keep my eye on that one.

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September 23rd is fall.
Bus 25 is a line that only operates on selected cruise days (September 23rd of this year included):
Bus 27 operate all 365 days a year:
Go to about a week before you travel to confirm the timetables, as they sometimes make small adjustments.

It's very easy to get to bus 25 and 27 if you stay near Copenhagen Central Station. Simply take the S-train directly from Copenhagen Central to either Nørreport or Østerport. There's a train every few minutes.
Hotel Windsor is in a very central location and in a nice area. Hotel Østerport is a little bit further from the city centre than hotels around Nørreport. Note that Hotel Østerport is right next to the train tracks. I've never been inside this hotel so I don't know if noise from the locomotives is a problem at the hotel or not - but maybe keep that in mind when you choose your hotel.

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On July 4, 2019, we took a bus from where we were staying to Nørreport Station, got off and walked just a short distance along the same street to the #25 bus, heading toward Oceankaj. Our tickets were good for the transfer and so could board through the rear door. We didn't have to purchase a ticket from the Nørreport Station ticket machine or the driver at the front of the bus. I do not recall the exact time, but it was likely around 12:30 pm. There were a lot of people waiting for the bus and there was no queuing. When the bus arrive, it was chaotic, especially because some people were trying to manoeuvre extremely large suitcases, which is problematic on a city bus. The bus was packed and not everyone could get on.

When the driver felt that no more people could squeeze in, he tried to close the doors but none would shut. Yes, we all had to disembark. He got help from another bus driver and then we re-boarded. That was more chaotic than the first time. Anyways, quite the story.

When we eventually got going, the bus by-passed people at all the other stops. I am sure that everyone eventually got on a bus. Our traveling companions took the same route about one hour later and it was still very busy. I think the bus is the best way to go because as we neared the port, it was clear that all traffic, including taxis, were crawling along slowly due to severe traffic congestion.

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Look forward to next year (2020) when we expect the new Metro station on Oceankaj to open. I trust it will be much easier then.

Edit. Sorry if I raised false hope. See Morten's comment below.

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I.p the new Metro Line will only go to Orientkaj, which is still 2km from the Cruise terminal at Oceankaj.

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The situation that you described in trying to get to the port sounds like just the kind of situation I want to avoid. Did you use your smart phone to video it so you can put it on YouTube?

You would think that if persons had lots of luggage, they could afford a taxi since there has to be at least two persons or more traveling?

Maybe there will be less ships in port on September 23rd. I plan to leave my hotel early for the port.

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According to Copenhagen Malmö Port there was 2 cruise ships at Oceankaj on July 4th. There’s just one cruise ship scheduled for Oceankaj on September 23rd.

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I sailed on the Getaway on 7/22 with my fiancee. We stayed at a hotel near the main train station the night before. We took the bus from Kobenhavn H to Norreport, walked a block to the bus 25 stop, and had no problem finding a place on the bus. By the time it got to the Osterport stop though, the bus completely filled up and people were left waiting for the next bus. So I wouldn't want to catch the bus too far along on its route.
The bus stops a block away from the Getaway terminal. We also took the same bus back to town (24 DKK = $4, instead of the cruise shuttle which was $15), which was also more convenient to our post-cruise hotel on the Borgergade, because our initial fare also included the city bus transfer. So unless you're staying right near the Radhuspladsen, you'd have to spend the 24 DKK anyway for a bus from there if you take the bus from Norwegian.

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Thanks to all of you for your very helpful information.

My hotel is close to both Central Station and Norreport Station. It is sort of in the middle.

I am just now learning the layout of my hotel and the stations.

So, I guess that i get my bus at Norreport St and I will be there very early.

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Do you post reviews and pictures on cruisecritic? I would love to read your reviews of the cruise.