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Taxi fares in USD

We plan on taking a taxi from the airport to our hotel in Copenhagen...without prior booking. We'll also need cabs from our hotel to the cruise port & then back to the airport after our cruise. Do all drivers accept US dollars or would it be best to convert our money into Kroners?

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The fare on the meter will be in kroner. I doubt the driver will be able accurately to convert to dollars. You will be in Denmark. Use their currency.

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In Denmark all taxis accept the major credit cards. There is no need for cash.

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Jim, I guess you are a first time traveller. For your information, NOBODY in Europe accepts US dollars cash. Nearly nobody, if they do they are giving you an inferior exchange rate to cover the time to make an extra bank visit and the bank costs.
Even banks only change foreign currencies for their own customers.

The only cash accepted is "real money", the local currency. And the cheapest way to get this is from an ATM, with the same card as you use at home. Be sure to inform your bank first where you are visiting, so they don't block the withdrawal as "suspicious".

P.S. What currency is being used on the cruise ship?

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Not a first-time traveler...just haven't been to Europe in a while. I always inform my bank when we travel. No cash is used on cruise ships. All charges goes on your account & paid with credit card.

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The only places in Europe where I have had USD accepted have been change machines in Iceland restrooms. They would accept dollars or euros and return 100kr pieces to be used in turnstiles.