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Tivoli with copenhagen card?

Does the Copenhagen card allow you access to the rides or is this an additional cost once inside the park?

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The Copenhagen Card website is pretty vague on this, but i would asume it only includes the entrance to Tivoli (note the spelling). The rides are usually an additional cost in Tivoli, whether you buy individual tockets or a pass.

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I have spent way too much time looking at both the Copenhagen Card website and Tivoli Gardens. From what I can tell, the rides have a "ticket" price, like at a local fair, and they sell passes for rides, at a significant price.

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There is the entrance fee and then the cost of tickets covering rides. Better rides....more tickets. You will also see on the roller coaster that you are instructed to leave all bags behind (and they enforce it) and pick them up when the coaster returns. Its jarring to the American psyche to see a line of purses and backpacks sitting next to a soon to depart roller coaster....but it works.

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I would like a simple, straightforward answer to this question as well.

It's clear from what I have reviewed that the Copenhagen card does not cover rides. What's not clear is whether there is any benefit to using the card at all, assuming you are going to be paying for an all day ride ticket. If there is no benefit, then we will obviously want to wait until the last day we are there, when the card has expired, to visit Tivoli.

Can someone give us a straight answer to this question?

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I am the author of this topic and just got back from Tivoli. It is a fantastic place well worth the visit. Thank you to those they responded.

To hopefully give clarifying information to the poster above, the are two distrinct costs to Tivoli 1) admission and 2) ticket price.

For admission, it is included in the Copenhagen card. If you pay to enter it costs 99dkk per person, and 139 if you enter on Friday after 8pm. It also costs 15ddk if you leave and reenter-which you don't have to pay if you have the Copenhagen card.

Once inside there is some free entertainment. A band place in an open courtyard and there is a second stage with regularly scheduled plays.

If you decide to go on rides you can buy single tickets or an all day pass. BUY THE ALL DAY PASS. 8 tickets costs 200 ddk and an all day pass costs 209. I went on 3 rides in the first hour which would be the equivalent of 9 tickets. Therefore, the pass paid for itself in one hour. If you truly spend most of the day it will be a great value.

To the poster who is considering letting the Copenhagen card expire then go to Tivoli, I would recommend that as an option if you truly plan staying the whole day. If you plan on doing other things it might not be with the hassle. Also, if you plan to spend less than a day I would suggest go to the national museum across the street. It was free and is a 3 start museum in the guide book. You can go at 10 a.m. and get your fill of history (we spent 4 hours). Then walk to Tivoli and have 9 hours there before closing.

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The straightforward answer is the Copenhagen Card covers admission to the park (maybe $20 value). Once inside the gate to the park, virtually everything else is extra - restaurants, gift shops, rides. The only thing included is strolling around the park, some (mostly jazz) bands and a not very impressive water fountain show (probably interesting to a toddler). We went on a few rides and ate at a recommended restaurant (translates to "ditch" because of where it was built in the park) which was pretty good.

I mostly enjoyed people watching, especially kids (who obviously aren't overstimulated) enjoy the park. My kids would probably consider most of it, including the rides, pretty lame.

I'd say Tivoli park is interesting enough for a visit. Having grown up near the original Disneyland, however, I didn't consider it anything spectacular and preferred the many other sights in Copenhagen.