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Summer Travel

We plan on traveling to Denmark in the late summer 2014. I am aware the Europeans have a Summer holiday time and would like to avoid those crowds. Can anyone advise the best travel week for late August early September?

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Welcome Milt.Hayes,

I was in Copenhagen in early sept 2013. Since i was in all the scandavian countries (Oslo and Stockholm) around that time frame, i didnt notice any more of them running around. I saw more foreigners there than anything in those weeks.

happy trails.

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You won't find big crowds in Scandinavia, even if you go in the peak of Summer. Late August is already offseason. Kids go back to school in mid-August. I'd suggest as early in August as your schedule allows.

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We will be in Copenhagen in June and I had a similar question for Denmark as well as the other countries we will visit. Assuming it would be related to the school summer vacation schedule I found this website: In general they seem to go to school later than we do and start school sooner. Hope this helps.

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Went there last year in late August. Didn't encounter any crowds, it was still warm, and SAS flight fares were less after Aug. 20th.

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I think that's similar to be in Copenhagen in late August or early September. There are quite many people in the city in this time, but I don't suppose that it could be a problem to visit most of interesting places.

My advice would be to visit Denmark in late august. I'm from Denmark, so i know that most school have start-up around the 20th August, so my advice is that you visit Denmark around there. But you don't want to wait to long, because the weather in september is very uneven. I work inside the travel industry, where i'm running my own blog, so if you have further questions about Denmark, just visit my blog: , and write to me there, then i will answer asap!