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Suggestions for a good local SIM card option (also posted in Sweden forum)

I'd like to use a local SIM card to make local calls on my upcoming trip.

I'll be traveling in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Estonia starting next week. Most of the time is in Sweden, second most in Denmark. Is there a card that works for the entire area? If not, is there a card that works in both Sweden and Denmark?



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Brad, I have not used Orange, since I buy the eSIM plans with just data, but others I know have and it has a decent reputation. Here is one offer they have now. You can get either a physical SIM card or an eSIM plan (TexasTravelmom has used the eSIM with phone, so you might want to check her posts on the Technology Tips forum) and it covers all European countries. You don't say how long you need it for but you should be able to top it off.

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Thanks for your reply. I've used Orange in France. I'll check on it when I arrive in Stockholm