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Streetwise Copenhagen Map?

My wife and I are travelling to Copenhagen in a couple of weeks. We've had success in other cities with Streetwise-brand maps. They offer a reasonable amount of detail, and are laminated and robust. Unfortunately they seem to be unavailable new and priced very high used on Amazon, etc. I was hoping I'd find someone here willing to help a fellow traveler at a more reasonable price! I have seen other maps, like the Borch referenced elsewhere. I think it's scope and detail is more than I need making it unnecessarily bulky to use. I'd be more likely to print my own at that point. Just taking a chance here! Thanks.

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Streetwise is no more, sadly--they are my favorite maps and I have several, unhappy at the thought of trying to find an alternative for cities I don't have.

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Sorry Matt. I recently left my Streetwise Copenhagen map at my hotel there for the next tourist to use. I agree they are awesome maps. If you are looking for time to fill, I really enjoyed the 4 hour walking food tour and the botanical gardens. I also highly recommend getting some smorrebrod at Aamans restaurant/deli. Have a great trip.

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I used the map from the "Eyewitness Top 10 Copenhagen" guide book along in combination with a map from the tourist office and offline maps on my phone. You might also consider one of the PopOut maps.

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I have an Insight map of Copenhagen, which is similar to the Streetwise version - it's also laminated, with a scale of 1:12,500.
Be glad to donate it if you want to PM your mailing address.

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I’ve been using the free app
Download the map areas you need using your own WiFi
It has great reviews. It works without using data.
It recently worked perfectly in Iceland & Scotland, as well as my own home location