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St Lucia Day festivities in Copenhagen

I have an opportunity to perhaps travel to Denmark next month and was looking into the festivities for St Lucia Day. I have learned that there is both a children's parade at Tivoli and that the Nyhavn canal and other canals are may be filled with boaters bearing lights. Does anyone know about what time these events occur? Is it possible to take in both on the day? And is there a best vantage point for observing these events? Much thanks in advance for your advice.

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There is some info about the kayak parade here More details and a map are on Kayak Republic's facebook page - looks like they will be ca 5:15pm at Nyhavn, 5:45 at Christianshavn and 6:15pm at Højbro Plads.

Tivoli has plenty of information available in English on their website about the Lucia parade

Based on the timing mentioned (ca5:30pm-6:15), seems like the events overlap so you might have to choose just one