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Smorgasbord in Copenhagen

Does anyone know of a good smorgasbord restaurant in Copenhagen? So far, web searches have come up
either empty (or misleading 'smorgasbord' != 'smorrebrod').

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Smörgåsbord is actually a Swedish word and as you've discovered a smørrebrød is a sandwich. Try. searching for "koldt bord" which is the Danish equivalent.

A caution ... even in Sweden not that many restaurants offer smörgasbord and when you find one it is usually pretty expensive.

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We've been looking at websites on Copenhagen, as we're taking a Baltic Cruise out of there next month. We're spending 3 days there prior to the cruise.

I've never seen such high prices on restaurants--even moderately priced restaurants.

I can see why so many Danish picnic so much. Do they allow unopened jars of peanut butter on airplanes?

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Unopened jars of peanut butter? What part of 3-1-1 do you not understand? PBS is a "gel" and restricted to 3oz./100 g. packets. You can bring multiples, but no jar, unopened or not, if it is more than 3 oz ( as all of them are).

There is a reason the Danes are thin. They do not overeat---they can't afford to!!! The food on offer is very high quality, even a little open-face sandwich from the department store food court. We used topay around 49 Danish krone for one of those. It is much less ifyou frequent the grocery stores.

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I was in Copenhagen in 1991, so I have no idea if this is still true, but at that time, there was a good and not insanely expensive koldt bord at the train station restaurant. I also remember that you could buy portions of it for even less, so the second time, I just got the fish section (you could still get supplements like bread and soup).

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They do not overeat---they can't afford to!!!

The Dane's Norwegian cousins WERE also poor. The mountain staffed hut custom is that bagged lunches prepared from the breakfast board are priced by the slice of bread and a Norwegian sandwich (singular) is made with a single slice of bread.

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Yes the train station! We took a ferry from the UK back in '80 (OMG am I that old), and a very nice Danish woman recommended the train station. Not sure if that's still the case or not.