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Smoked eel

We are currently in Copenhagen and my husband and father-in-law really want to try some smoked eel before we leave. My FIL says someone told him to have the smoked eel on a stick but we have yet to find any. Did my FIL hear wrong and its only available as a whole piece or on the open faced sandwiches?

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Try a fish specialty store or a deli. You ought to be able to get it by the slice or gram or so. The first time I saw an entire smoked eel I was kind of grossed out but I was brave and tried it and it turned out to be delicious. This was in Hamburg, not in Denmark.

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The eel is a highly endangered species and for that reason most supermarkets and shops in Denmark have stopped selling it. You might find it as a whole or open faced sandwich, but buying and selling it is a bit frowned upon, since it's endangered.