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Slow paced Denmark vacation with older girls

Hi. I am thinking of taking my fairly travel savvy (we have been to Great Britain and Italy together, and the two adults have traveled extensively in Europe) Western Washington family on a fairly slow paced vacation in Denmark this August/September. Two mid 50s adults, with 3 or 4 girls ranging from 24 to 16. I was thinking of spending about a week in Copenhagen, about 4 days on Aero, 4 or 5 days driving through Jutland, and then maybe a trip to Malmo or Gothenburg for 4 or 5 days. Would likely rent a car for the last two legs. None of this is set in stone. I have had good luck with Airbnb, and was thinking of using that as well as Rick Steves recommendations to find places to stay for 5 or 6 that won't cost a fortune.

Any tips, comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Wow, that is super-slow paced considering the lack of interesting things to see and do where you are going. I have a feeling the trip isn't being planned with the interests of the young women in mind at all. Expect boredom and complaints or else young women who will never want to travel with you again! You might want to check for an apartment or other rental through so you can all be in the same place and have space. They have places to suit every budget and are reliable, even offering trip protection in case of unplanned problems. We have used them on 6 continents over the years and it has always been an excellent experience.

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Matt, I think the previous commenter is being far too severe, there is plenty to do. I am going to Denmark in September, so I haven't been yet, but I've researched it extensively at this point. I think a week in Copenhagen with day trips (to places like Roskilde, Helsingor, Hillerod, Dragor, maybe renting a car and going to Mons Klint) would be great. I think you'll be good with spending 4-5 days in Jutland too (Aarhus, Ribe, Billund, a quick stop at Jelling). 4 days on Aero might be a lot, but if you are looking to really kick back and relax for a few days, that would be good, but you could probably cut that down to 3. I do think Malmo or Gothenburg for 4-5 days is probably too much time though - we are considering doing just a day trip or even a half day trip to Malmo from Copenhagen. If you want to spend 4-5 days somewhere, why not hop a relatively inexpensive flight to Stockholm and then fly home (or wherever you are going at the conclusion of your trip) from there? Also, we are going to stay a couple of nights in Odense as a base for Funen (which is quiet, but there are some museums and a castle we are interested in seeing).

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I think the young adults will love Copenhagen... it's a trendy city with lots of young and beautifully tall Danes everywhere. I was there for a few days and could have stayed a bit longer. As far as the rest of the trip... it all depends on whether or not they can be amuse themselves without a lot of 'tourist attractions'. If they love nature and scenery and smaller towns they should be ok. If they need to be entertained, then maybe cut off a day or so.
I like the idea of adding Stockholm to the mix.

Sometimes I like having the time to just hang out with family and friends in an incredible location like Europe! What a way to spend some quality time.

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You're never far from a coastline in Denmark, so that might allow you to trim down the island time, if you were considering the beach to be a large component of the stay. Hostels in Denmark can be a comfortable budget option with family-sized rooms; see I'm not familiar with what Malmo or Gothenburg might have to offer, and don't recall other travelers getting much glowing advice when they asked about those destinations in this Travel Forum.

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What a wonderful family trip. I've been to all of the places your mention and I like the combination of city and country visits in your itinerary. Certainly four days in a place like Aero is plenty but, if you have the time, it will be relaxing and beautiful. I made a similar trip with my son a few years ago and, if it was me, the only thing I would change in your itinerary would be to add Stockholm and subtract Goteborg and Malmo (which is really a suburb of Copenhagen anyways). Whilst in Copenhagen make a day trip to Louisiana. Not just beautiful art but wonderful grounds for picnicking.

Have a wonderful trip. I'm jealous.

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My girls are not big party animals. They are also surprisingly tolerant of culture.

Having looked at this a little more, I am convinced a week in Copenhagen is about right, including the various half day excursions "out" of the city proper Rick Steves discusses in his guidebook. We are also signing up for Dinner with the Danes.

However, it does seem that the rest of the Denmark part of the trip can be cut down just a bit, leaving about a week for another country.

One thought is to drive along the German Baltic coast to Berlin, stopping in a couple of what I understand are some well preserved medieval towns, and fly out from there. Another is to head to Oslo, Stockholm, or perhaps even Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, or Finland.

I have about two more days to decide, as I plan to book everything Tuesday or Wednesday.