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Should I take a car to (via ferry) to Aeroskobing?

My wife and I are senior citizens visiting Scandinavia next summer. Should we leave our car in Svendborg or take it to Aeroskobing? We will be on Aero for 2 nights. I know the answer is biking but while I bike a lot my wife does not. (She can walk up to 2 miles without a problem.) Suggestions?

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I assume you are staying in Ærøskøbing. There's not a ton to do there, but if you want some quiet relaxation and enjoyable strolls through a picturesque village, you don't need a car. If you want to explore more of the island, you can bring your car, but the buses are free to get around the island. You can even bike a little and then, when you get tired, put the bike on the back of the bus and ride in comfort.

Here's the bus schedule:


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I'm not a biker, so I did bring my leased car to Aero, which allowed me to make the scenic driving tour and to spend time on a quite beach. At that time, in summer years back, I did not have a ferry reservation but still got on without too long a wait. Now that Rick's book recommends reservations, I'd probably make one. Before committing to a car rental company, check that they don't restrict taking it onto ferries.

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Thanks for the replies. They are making this choice much easier. I forgot about the free buses on Aero.

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If you have a car, bring it. Make reservation on line ahead of time. Biking on Ærø is wonderful, but driving around lovely, too. One of my favorite spots on earth