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Should i split time between Copenhagen and Stockholm or stick to Denmark

Hello all!

My mothers 75th birthday is this June, and so I'm planning a surprise trip to Denmark for her, June 23- July 1st. unfortunately i could only get 10 days off, 2 of which are basically travel days. I have never been to any Scandinavian countries before, and was wondering if its viable to spend half the trip in Denmark and half in Stockholm. I don't want to try to overextend myself on such a short trip. Is going to Stockholm a stretch given the distance? I'm considering also to just stay in Copenhagen and focus on Denmark only, and maybe a day trip to Malmo, Sweden.

Any suggestions, comments, tips or ideas would be appreciated.


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A train ride between the two is about 5 hours through pretty country. A flight maybe an hour, but you must figure getting to & through the two airports. The central train stations are nicely located, well, in the center! For me, I would do both. 8 nights in either would be long, unless you want to do daytrips out from the city. They are both smallish big cities. Copenhagen is my favorite, but Stockholm just seems more spread out, with a lot more to do & see. Good luck & good travels!

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Any way of finding if your mom would feel she missed out by not seeing any of Sweden, when she was already in Denmark, without tipping her off that you already gave a surprise trip in the works? Would Sweden be more of a nice bonus, or actually a priority on the same level as Denmark?

Too bad an overnight ferry isn’t an option, as it would be for combining Denmark and Norway.

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Stockholm is my favorite city.

If you wanted to see some of Sweden without going all the way to Stockholm, you could visit somewhere closer.
I really love Ystad which is about a one hour train ride. Beautiful medieval town with an abbey. Ales stenar is also close by.

Enjoy your trip!

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For 8 days, it is not a bad idea to combine Stockholm and Copenhagen. Have you bought the tickets yet? If not, flying open jaw to Copenhagen and home from Stockholm or vice versa will save you a bit of time. You don't mention where you live but SAS has direct flights to several North American cities from both capitals.

There is no overnight ferry, but there is an overnight train between Malmö and Stockholm. Otherwise, the day train is a good option as well. Book in advance for the best price.