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Schengen Zone- Passport Control/Customs in Copenhagen

I am a US citizen who will be traveling with a connection in Copenhagen, with my final destination beings Athens.
Both of my flights are SAS, with my bags being check through.

Will I enter Schengen in Copenhagen , clearing passport control there before taking my connecting flight to Athens?

I am uncertain of what rules apply when connecting with the same carrier. Since my entry to the EU technically is in Copenhagen, I figured I would pass passport control there and not in Athens- Can anyone confirm this?


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Entry to the EU is not relevant, it is only the Schengen zone that is relevant. You enter Schengen territory when you de-plane in Copenhagen,a and that is where you go through passport control (odd borderless crossing into Greece as you cannot arrive there by land transportation from any other Schengen country, same holds for Iceland). Note that Switzerland is in Schengen, and is not in the EU. As a further example, we have transferred in Frankfurt for a connection to turkey. Turkey is not Schengen, so we never entered Schengen, just walked airside on to our gate for Turkey. You will not retrieve your bags, you will get them in Greece, and go through Customs there, which should be a walk through the green lane, nothing to declare. If you re-trace this path on your way home, you will go through passport control and additional check for flight to the US in Copenhagen.